F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)



Why convert from carburettor to Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)?

Converting your vehicle to fuel injection will not only give you more drivability but also better fuel economy! The car will produce more horsepower and torque at lower RPM, with a wider power band as well as optimum fuel delivery. The engine will also have precise idle, a better throttle response and will only emit clean emissions – which means no more black smoke! On top of all this, the car will provide more even fuel distribution – which will add to greater increases in power as well as making the car easier to start, whether hot or cold.


Why keep using my standard ECU?

Standard computers are ideal because they were designed to suit your specific vehicle. They offer the creature comforts that you won’t get if installing an aftermarket computer. Your factory computer offers a myriad of bonuses such as:

– Elaborate idle control – changes base idle speed based on whether the car is in park or neutral/whether the air con is on or off/the power steering load etc)
– Close Loop Fuel – allows for better economy by keeping the engine at optimal air fuel mixtures
– Turns on/off electric fans
– If your car has automatic transmission the ECU controls the shift points

Even though after market computers are limited in their operation and are a ‘generic’ product, not everybody in the automotive industry has access to the software needed to tune factory computers (e.g. HP Tuner/Kalmaker/Ford Flashers). If you can’t find anyone in your area with the software then an after market computer would definitely be an option or there are ‘piggy back’ units available (e.g. Unichip).

What can you modify in a factory computer?

Virtually everything. All factory settings including fuel and spark maps, idle speeds, transmission shift points etc. We have even retrofitted a Holden computer into imported Chev engines with great success.

How much does it cost?



What is a power run?

A power run is like a general check over – we put your car on the dyno and check all the mixtures and the max power output.

How much does a power run cost?

We can run your car on the dyno and provide a print out with the results for just $150 (2WD).

How much will it cost to tune my MicroTech ECU


Do you tune other aftermarket computers?

We have years of experience in tuning EMS, Haltech and Motec computers to name a few. If you have the software we can tune it!


P.O.A. – Price on application