MicroTech’s exclusive range includes ECU’s, turbo timers, micro fuelers, rich/lean indicators and air/fuel ratio meters are unbeatable value for money.

The new MicroTech LT Series gives you big performance in a small affordable package. This new range of after-market engine management is now tunable using laptop software which makes data logging even simpler.

Using data collected from the engine, the LT Series ECU makes instantaneous changes to the fuel flow and ignition curves as conditions change, keeping your engine running in peak condition all the time.

When you purchase a MicroTech LT Series, it is fitted with a factory programmed chip which will allow you to start the engine as soon as the MT has been installed. Fine tuning is achieved by the use of the LT Handset or the laptop software, which allows you to easily customise the function maps for the specific needs of your engine.

The LT Handset also displays information on the engine conditions in real time, and features a data logging facility allowing you to store and retrieve data regarding the running condition to assist with advanced setup.

Whether you are looking for improved performance, or perhaps better fuel economy, the MicroTech LT Series gives you what you want the way you want it, without the hassle and expense.


The MicroTech LT Series computer uses data collected from the engine through RPM, Manifold pressure, Air Temp, Throttle Position, Water Temp and Battery voltage to make instantaneous decisions as to the fuel requirements of the engine to maintain peak performance under all conditions.

The LT Series (except LT-4) also comes with all required software to control the ignition timing. The adjustments available include RPM, Manifold Pressure, Boost Retard, Air Temperature correction and Water Temperature correction. While the software is included with the base unit, different signal converters and ignition drivers to fire either a multi-coil pack or single coil are required for each custom application.

To assist with fine tuning, the LT Series stores information which relates to RPM, Manifold pressure, Water temperature, Air temperature, Throttle Position, Injector time on (mS) Primary and Secondary, Voltage, Air/Fuel Ratio and Ignition Timing.


* Compatible with Manufacturers sensors
* Compatible with OEM crank angle sensors
* Advance Digital Fuel Control
* Sequential Injector firing
* Advanced Ignition Control
* Multi-coil Applications
* Programmable Auxiliary output
* Air/Fuel Ratio Readout
* Data Logging
* Twin Memory maps
* Diagnostic Output test
* Laptop or Handset tunable
* 12 month Warranty
* Easy to install
* Factory Preset: just plug in and go
* Priced to suit your budget